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Arvensis ConsultingWas born out of experience in dealing with RFI's and RFP's

That were constantly lacking some crucial bit of information or certain aspects of the requirement simply did not make sense. This would result in back and forth between customer and supplier in an effort to hash out the missing details. The result would be a review and rewrite of the RFI/RFP only to have the process start all over again as the cost of needless delays. The other-side of the coin would be suppliers not fully understanding the scope of an RFI or RFP and missing out on potential opportunities. Arvensis Consulting is a great fit to both end customer, supplier and contractor whereby bridging the gap between these entities, Arvensis Consulting offers an information gathering services that looks at all the aspects that a RFI/RFP would not typically consider. With Arvensis Consulting you wont need to tie up valuable team resources as we gather all the information for you and submit a detailed report in the end. Contact Arvensis Consulting to see how we can help you.


Year Established

28 years

Experience in the Telco/Datacom arena

$80k or more

Annual savings using our passive optical products

$300k saved

Annual savings from a single vendor SLA audit and review

$580k saved

3 Year savings from a network re-architecture audit

10Gb Upgrade

Bandwidth gain from 1Gb to 10Gb. Cost neutral



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