Arvensis Consulting was born out of experience in dealing with RFI’s and RFP’s that where constantly lacking information or factually incorrect. The result of this causes needless delays for all parties involved with and back and forth communication between the customer and supplier trying to hash out the missing details. The end result would be a review and rewrite of the RFI/RFP and to have the process start all over again. The other-side of the coin would be suppliers not fully understanding the scope of an RFI or RFP and missing out on opportunities or not being able to progress to the final vendor or supplier selection stage. A lost opportunity.

Arvensis Consulting is a great fit to both end customer, supplier and contractor as we are well positioned to bridge the gap between these entities. Arvensis Consulting offers an information gathering services that looks at all the aspects that a RFI/RFP would not typically consider as well as providing a neutral position to facilitate between both parties to ensure a successful outcome for all parties.

Let Arvensis Consulting be your “boots on the ground” so you don’t need to tie up valuable team member’s time as we gather all the data for you, carry out network audits, site survey etc and submit a detailed report at the end of the day with recommendations and considerations included in the report.

Arvensis Consulting also specialise in passive optical solutions sourced directly from the an individual manufacturer and tailored to meet your needs and save you money, year on year. Time tested and proven technology guaranteed to produce savings. From 4 channel CWDM to 18 channels passive multiplexers, we can design, spec and supply all components including the CWDM transceivers specific to your equipment.
All our CWDM solutions are put together using high grade, quality components to ensure the lowest insertion loss possible and ensuring high reliability at the end of the day.
Arvensis Consulting’s tailored CWDM solutions pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Arvensis Consulting can source open market equipment from our global partners to enable you to keep your CAPEX costs down as well as OPEX costs as your equipment life-cycle winds down. We source globally from our partners and can act as a broker for your 2nd hand equipment to ensure you get the best deal and some much needed CAPEX back.
Arvensis Consulting can also source obsolete equipment to help you keep aging networks ticking over until you are ready to upgrade or to enable the delay of CAPEX spend should your preference be for a phased upgrade

Arvensis Consulting have starting down the IoT path. More to come on the solutions that we can offer as soon as the back-end portal is established and all kinks are ironed out.

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