Arvensis Consulting are able to assist with multiple aspects facing today companies. From RFP/RFI information gathering to global WAN procurement, cost reduction audits, project facilitation, equipment audits, site surveys for costing exercises and much more.

Network audits and cost reduction exercises can produce saving of hundreds of thousand and more to a companies bottom line if you know where to look.

An example of an SLA contract review of a major OEM equipment supplier’s SLA that was up for renewal was undertaken and with consultation the customer was able to realise an immediate $300k reduction on the new SLA bill. For a medium sized network operator, this was significant. To achieve this a minor change to the customers equipment life-cycle management approach was required and the customer then amending their policies and procedures to align with the change. Once this was completed and all teams and departments where onboard, the necessary steps were implemented as well as fresh negotiating for a new SLA kicked off to align with the new Life-Cycle .

Arvensis Consulting was contracted to carry out what was thought to be a simple RFQ for multiple 10Gb services to a customer premises, including multiple 10Gb services to be connected to Australia. What initially appeared to be a straight forward RFQ very quickly became a due diligence study after a subtle clause outlining the diversity requirement in a single sentence was spotted. Diversity was easily achieved for 98% of the route, with the exception of the the tail connections to the clients premises. The diversity that was specified would require significant build of a new fiber route at multiple locations in excess of 10km and across some sensitive wetland areas as well as several CBD roads. The customer was facing a Capital cost around $1.5m for construction, resource consents, permits, council approvals, legal fees for Right of Access negotiations and many months of delay before any construction could actually commence. As this subtle, single sentence clause was picked up to be the primary pitfall, the true build cost and timeline was included in the RFQ response.

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