Arvensis Consulting have launched their own IoT platform.
Arvensis Consulting offer sensors, devices, connectivity solution across various Service Providers platforms with back-end analytics and a portal environment so you can monitor, manage and track all your valuable assets. You also have access to an App for Android and IOS.

Our solutions are zero contract based, so you only pay monthly in advance with any bandwidth overage billed in arrears. As we have tested all our products, we are confident that we are able to advise of the correct bandwidth package suitable for your needs that it is highly unlikely you would ever be faced with overage fees.

Why Arvensis Consulting?
We would like to share the 6 powerful characteristics that differentiate our solutions.

  • Our extensive range of devices.
  • Our fully integrated device management and tracking software.
  • Tested and proven solutions for every application and industry sector.
  • Direct access to our manufacturers hardware and software development team.
  • Quality certain and reliability assured means less support effort.
  • Empowering business to reduce costs, improve productivity and most importantly provide Health and Safety

Easy to use so you can see all your assets, in real-time and all of the time.
Historical Data is available so you can always go back and review info while not being bombarded with mounts of telemetry data
Reports and templates ready to use. Preview your reports and download in csv, Excel, PDF or HTML formats! Fully customisable! And easy to schedule! Send regular reports via email!
Geo-Fences Instant address lookup and geo-fence drawing tool! Set speed limits within a geo-fence. Track entries & exits
Alerts An alert for every eventuality! Select pre-made alerts with our alert wizard, or easily create you’re own customized alerts.
Maintenance Schedules & RemindersIt’s simple to set up a service schedule! Schedules can be based on odometer, run hours or a time frame. Easily display a service interval snapshot! Keep track of and be reminded of upcoming service intervals! Save time and money!

Our Devices and Solutions, when combined offer benefits and typical applications the following sectors:


  • Vehicle and asset tracking
  • Fringe Benefit Tax reporting
  • Driver Behavior
  • Scheduled Maintenance jobbing and reporting
  • Driver identification and management
  • Road User Charges

Our range of vehicle-powered and battery-powered tracking devices provide the flexibility to suit your requirements. OBD port and ‘cigarette lighter’ power options are available, so you can begin tracking without the need to install any wiring, plug and play.


  • Smart algorithms optimising behavior based on multiple event scenarios (often scoped by our clients in the field from experience)
  • An advanced device management platform, OEM Server, with years of experience in squeezing out every last function
  • LNA – Low Noise Amplifiers that filter out “noise” when the device is in that crucial wake-up zone trying to secure a quick fix
  • Offline GPS Assist – GPS aiding data, uploaded to the devices every week giving them the mapsets of the satellites above for instant fixes
  • Tier 1 branded quality modems, ultra efficient antennas, and components that deliver performance foremost
  • Special in-house designed IP67 housings providing the protection and rigidity for the devices to perform in any environment
  • A genetic “design culture” than insists there is always more to squeeze, to finesse, to evolve out of our creations

And it does not stop there, we are investigating new technologies such as LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) as well as innovative combinations such as Wifi Sniffing with Cellular, or GPS and LoRaWAN, or GPS / wifi / Cellular, for solutions such as indoor tracking, inventory tracking, low value site equipment tracking, to name but a few.


  • GPS location tracking
  • Man-down
  • Journey Management
  • SOS duress notifications
  • Health status updates
  • 2 way communication

The key to providing a robust safety plan is in covering the typical bases:

  • Lone Worker: Who are they? Where are they working? What is the potential risk?
  • Remote Worker: Where are they traveling? Are they alone? Have they got the necessary equipment?
  • Driver Behavior: What are the standards? How are they to be implemented? Who is measuring the outcomes?
  • Compliance: What are the regulations? How do they apply to staff and assets? How do we ensure they are met?

IoT sensors and GPS devices are used in smart farming to track and monitor several vital agricultural components:

  • Soil Moisture
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Water Tank Levels
  • Weather stations
  • Vibration
  • Co2
  • Livestock
  • Beehives
  • Equipment and more

Affordable LPWAN platforms such as Sigfox and LoRa are making smart farming technologies more accessible, giving farmers and agronomists valuable data that helps manage assets, crop rotations, planting plans, fertiliser spread and generally optimising activities to cut costs and improve yields.

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