Surveying and Audit Services

Arvensis offers independent surveying services for Telecom, Datacom and Enterprise networks.
Greenfield Surveys, Site Audits for expansion, growth, upgrades, infrastructure, energy.
Quality audits and asset audits can be tailored to meet your needs.
A survey could be as simple as a site visit to a customer premises to verify basic requirements from power, rack space and environmental checks to a complex site establishment in another country.
Audits can vary in accordance to customer needs. From a basic investigation for billing anomalies or complex multi-site asset audits, Arvensis Consulting can complete these audits for you so you can continue to focus on your core business.

Projects and Rollout Facilitation

Arvensis offers pre-project rollout planning assistance ensure the non-essential items that are usually missed off are taken into considered.

Providing a detailed report that serves as an inputs into a project deployment plan such as sourcing warehousing, medical emergencies, evacuation planning and local contractor resources.

Facilitation between your end customer and the main contractor ensuring all parties are aligned.

Project Closure. Has the project really delivered in accordance to the project scope? Do you have all the relevant documentation? Asset register up to date? Do you know the RMA process after the vendor has been paid and has met their obligations? If you have any doubts or concerns, or even if you have a question, contact Arvensis Consulting, we are happy to help.

RFP/RFI and Tender Consultancy

Arvensis Consulting can provide assistance where a customer needs to fully understand the scope of an RFP or RFI before it is released to suppliers and vendors.

Far too often the person who compiles the RFI/RFP may be non-technical or a specialist on one field but not another which often results in missing or incorrect information being released. This ultimately leads to additional delays or incorrect responses being received.

Does the person writing the RFI/RFP understand the difference between redundancy and diversity or the relevance of a network core to a PE device? We do and much more.